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Contact lens on fingertip
woman putting contact lens on

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses offer an alternative solution to spectacles for sight correction. For activities such as sport, driving, and working in restricted environments they offer a wider field of view unrestricted by frame or head movement. And although we love our spectacle frames, we appreciate that contact lenses offer a different cosmetic solution to your vision needs.

With new developments, more and more people are able to achieve clear, comfortable vision with contact lenses.

A broad range of contact lenses near Stafford.

We are able to offer a wide range of contact lenses from many different manufacturers. From daily disposables to soft or rigid re-usable lenses there is probably a lens available to suit you and your vision. Appease any concerns you may have and get an eye assessment with one of our friendly experts.

Contact lenses can correct long or short-sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia (age-related focussing difficulty). With individually designed contact lenses we can offer sharper vision and better comfort than ever before.

We offer a no-obligation trial for contact lenses.

Ask our eye care professionals for more information.

Looking After Your Contact Lenses

Our eye care professionals are dedicated to giving you the best care we can. When you purchase your contact lenses we will continue to care for your eyes for years to come.

Before you take any contact lenses away from the practice we will take time to ensure that you are able to apply and remove the contact lenses competently. We will give advice on how to care for your lenses and your eyes and what to do if any difficulties occur. Between one and three weeks later, depending on the type of lenses, we will see you again to see how you are getting on with the lenses and make any adjustments needed to improve your vision or comfort.

For as long as you wear contact lenses we will continue to ensure that you have the best lenses for your eyes and your budget, keeping you informed of any improvements to contact lens design or materials which may benefit you.

young guy wearing contact lenses
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