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colours to help deal with visual stress
Optician choosing coloured lenses for visaul stress

Colorimetry For Visual Stress

Many people who find reading tiring or unpleasant unknowingly experience visual stress. Visual stress is a term used to describe visual discomfort and perceptual distortions in the printed text, suffered by many people who struggle to read. It can cause the eyes to become tired and strained, leading to symptoms like headaches, eye strain, blurred vision, eyestrain, dry eyes, and fatigue.

Coloured overlays can improve reading speed and accuracy. They can enable longer periods of reading free of discomfort. Overlays are coloured sheets of robust transparent plastic that are placed over a page of text when reading. The assessment is carried out by our specialised vision professional.

If coloured overlays produce an improvement, it indicates that the individual may benefit from precision tinted lenses in their glasses.


We use a specialist piece of equipment called a Colorimeter to prescribe these lenses. A Colorimeter offers many thousands of colour combinations so that we can find our patient's optimal colour for their lenses.

Unlock Your Potential With Colour

Contact us today if you or someone you know suffers with any of the following: 

  • Movement of the printed text

  • Patterns in the print (described as rivers or worms)

  • Tiring easily whilst reading

  • Headaches or visual discomfort

  • Using a finger as a marker on the page

  • Frustration and low self-esteem 

  • Migraines.

Dyslexic individuals are more likely to experience visual stress than others, although visual stress is quite distinct from dyslexia. 

Explore how the use of colour can improve your experience of reading. Contact our team today for more information. 

colours to help manage colorimetry
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