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Kid having his eye sight tested
Kid with an eye exam

Children's Eye Tests at Malcolm Gray

Children’s eye tests are very important. Crucially, they are used to monitor the visual system and assist in its development.

Malcolm Gray offer NHS funded eye tests for children up to the age of 16. 

Young children are unlikely to be aware that they have a problem or see the world differently to other people. We recommend a full eye examination is carried out at around 3 years of age. Children are often more responsive to treatment when problems are diagnosed early.


At Malcolm Gray, your child's eye examination is carried out by expert optometrists and will usually include:

  • An assessment of how well they can see.

  • Checks for long or short-sightedness and astigmatism, binocular vision (how well the eyes work together), eye movement skills and colour vision.


In younger children, the tests will be carried out by using pictures and games. In addition to vision checks, our experienced optometrists will also assess the health of their eyes.

Approximately 5-10% of pre-school children and 25% of school-aged children have vision problems. These statistics highlight the importance of vision tests. 

Children's Eyewear

We carry a large range of children's frames from such companies as Ray-ban, William Morris and Wolf and cater for all ages from babies to teenagers.


Our experienced Dispensing Opticians can advise on the best fit for comfort and vision.

dispensing optician helping a kid choose her glasses
kid wearing contact lenses

Contact Lenses For Kids

Many children and young adults can be fitted with contact lenses which can be very beneficial for sport or performance enthusiasts or to improve confidence in those who are more self-aware.

Ask our Optometrists if contact lenses would be a good option for your child.

Myopia Management

Myopia is an eye condition commonly known as short-sightedness. For myopic people, distant objects appear blurry. Myopia can develop at any age, although typically starts to develop in children between 6-13 years old and progresses as the eyeball grows.


There are several ways in which myopia can either be prevented or controlled once it has developed, including spectacle and contact lens solutions.

young boy suffering from myopia
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