As eye care professionals we recognise the damage which UV and blue light from sunlight can do and in particular its role in eye conditions such as macular degeneration and cataracts.

We have chosen our sunglass range with that in mind, along with design and comfort. It includes fashion ranges from Gucci and William Morris, alongside specialist sunglass ranges from Ray-Ban, Oakley and Maui-Jim.

We also stock sports sunglasses from Adidas and others which can be specifically tailored for your chosen sport whether it be golf, skiing, cycling, running, fishing, target sports or water sports.

Many of our sunglass frames can be glazed with prescription lenses in single vision or multifocal designs so your outdoor activities are not restricted by your vision.

As your children’s eyes are so precious and so much damage can occur during childhood, we also stock a range of children’s sunglass frames which can be professionally fitted to optimise protection.