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Refraction eye test procedure

During your examination the optometrist will perform the following tests:

  • Check your vision either without spectacles, with your current spectacles or both.

  • Use trial frames and lenses or computerised testing equipment to discover whether you are long or short-sighted. (This test will also detect if you have any refractive errors such as astigmatism that may require professional eye care).  

Our optometrists will then be able to offer you expert advice on the best vision correction methods for your requirements.


Eyesight correction prescription options

The optometrist can determine whether lenses can be prescribed which will help you to achieve sharper or more comfortable vision.

Your refraction test results will help the optometrist assess how well your eyes work together and if exercises or prism lenses are needed to improve your binocular vision. This can be important in judging distances, seeing fine detail or just visual comfort.

Your ability to change focus from far to near vision tasks will also be checked to determine whether you would benefit from help with this. 

If you have had a recent eye test and been prescribed lenses, take a look at the collections of frames available at Malcolm Gray.